Best Integrated Dishwasher 2021 – Top 7 Built-in Dishwashers of All Time

Dishwashers are a need of almost every household these days. Some might prefer freestanding or portable ones as they don’t want any other additions to their kitchen. However, getting the best integrated dishwasher 2021 might sound a good idea, especially if you want it to blend in with the beauty of your kitchen. best built-in dishwasher 2021

Such dishwashing machines are designed in a way that they won’t have any negative impact on your kitchen. They can easily get adjusted in the area that’s been dedicated to them. Plus they ensure a perfect dishwashing solution while keeping the kitchen as beautiful as possible.

So, while you are looking out for a perfect built-in dishwasher, go no further as we’ve got you covered.

With hours and hours of research, and comparison of customer feedback, we present before you: the top-rated integrated dishwashers of all time.

Hey! Yes, You! Get yourself the best dishwasher 2021 to enjoy a hassle-free dish cleaning ahead. 

Take a look as follows:

Top 7 Best Integrated Dishwasher 2021:

Integrated Dishwasher 2021
Sound Level
Expert Ratings
1. EdgeStar BIDW1802BL
52 dB
2. Frigidaire FFCD2418US
55 dB
3. SPT SD-9254W
52 dB
4. Frigidaire FFBD1831US
52 dB
5. SPT SD-9254SS
52 dB
6. Bosch SHP878ZD5N
44 dB
7. Frigidaire FFID2426TS

1. EdgeStar BIDW1802BL – Best Built-In Dishwasher Review 2021:

Starting with EdgeStar, we all know pretty much well that it’s the jack of all trades. Be it dishwashing, style, design, or user interface, you won’t find anything better than an EdgeStar dishwasher in 2021.EdgeStar BIDW1802BL Integrated Dishwasher

Talking about the brand new BIDW1802BL, it’s the solution to all your problems. The integrated dishwasher resides easily in a kitchen and helps you to clean and rinse different plates, cups, pots, and pans at the same time.

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What I liked the most about this dishwasher is its color variation. The matte black finish looks extremely aesthetic, to be honest. As far as the price tag is concerned, you’d be getting this appliance in no more than $500. It’s a win-win situation for you no matter if you are living in a small or large house.

Let’s have a look at what EdgeStar Integrated dishwasher has got for us as follows:

Key Features You Need to Know:

Eight Place Settings:

One of the traits that you’d enjoy with built-in dishwashers is that they are extremely spacious from the inside. For instance, EdgeStar appliance offers 8 place settings which is more than enough to place anything you want inside it for an extensive cleaning operation.

Noise Reduction:

The dishwasher won’t be frustrating you no matter if you are working in the kitchen or not. It has got a sound level of around 52dB which is quite low as compared to other dishwasher brands. You’d surely enjoy its working interface.

Six Wash Cycles Included:

Thorough and an enhanced cleaning process could be expected from one of the best built-in dishwashers available in 2021. The six washing cycles allow the plates, pots, and cups to revert back to their original shiny look without any hassle.

Automatic Leakage Sensor:

Want to get away from the leakage mess in your kitchen? Get yourself this amazing dishwasher from EdgeStar that comes with an automatic leakage sensor. Upon a slight leakage issue, the machine will beep and turn off completely.

Compact Body:

Last but not the least, the dishwasher is extremely compact. I mean, it’s only 17.5 inches wide which is a perfect measurement to place it as a replacement of a trash compactor without any worries.

  • Luxurious design.
  • Easy to use working interface.
  • Spacious design with 8 place settings.
  • Durable and sturdy (long-term replacement).
  • Six wash cycles for thorough cleaning.
  • Compact width enables it to fit in kitchen easily.
  • Poor customer support from EdgeStar is disappointing.
  • Requires expert assembly.

Final Views:

EdgeStar with its integrated appliance is regarded as one of the best dishwashers in 2021. It stands right in front of brands such as Bosch and KitchenAid. Therefore, it should be a top priority for you if you want to enjoy a perfect cleaning interface.

2. Frigidaire FFCD2418US – Best Integrated Dishwasher Under 400:

Frigidaire could be regarded as one of the best dishwasher brands without any doubt as it offers some of the most notorious dishwashing appliances in the market. Talking of the brand new FFC2418US, it’s a sophisticated integrated dishwasher with a simple yet unique look.

Frigidaire FFCD2418US Built In Dishwasher

Other than that, what you’d enjoy with this dishwasher the most is its thorough cleaning interface.

The efficiency, on one hand, is quite worth noticing, plus the cleaning process is one of its kind, on the other hand.

All in all, by spending no more than $400, you’d be getting the dishwasher of your dreams that would adjust the empty space of your kitchen perfectly.

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Some notable features regarding Frigidaire integrated dishwasher are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Self-Filtration System:

Well, the dishwasher is perfect from almost every perspective, be it filtration or cleaning. That being said, it comes with a self-filtration system to ensure the removal of stuck food particles from dishes without any issue.

Extra Spacious:

As the appliance is already 24” wide, it can, first of all, capture an ample amount of kitchen area. In addition to that, the 14 place settings is surely a plus point. You can watch large batches of pots, pans, plates, cups, and other kitchen utensils in a single go.

Stay Put Door:

Another important feature that you must know about the best built-in dishwasher under 400 is that it comes with a stay put door. No matter at what angle you open the door, it’ll remain in the same place so that you can load the dishes and utensils inside it easily.

Drying System:

The drying system included in Frigidaire built-in dishwasher is one of its kind. It comes with a premium heating element that will dry off the whole batch within minutes.

Certified from NSF and Energy Star:

Well for your mental peace, the dishwasher has passed almost all safety and durability certifications from NSF and Energy Star. Hence, it’s a one-time investment that’d cost you no more than 400 bucks.

  • Heated drying system.
  • Extra spacious interior.
  • Washes and cleans a large batch easily.
  • Perfect for long term use.
  • Durable and sturdy enough.
  • NSF certified.
  • Only 5 wash cycles available.
  • Produces more sound than EdgeStar dishwasher.

Final Views

The bulky and fatty integrated dishwasher is best meant for a large household. I mean, the 14 place settings is just out of this world. You can literally wash all dishes of your kitchen with a single cycle. So, get it or it won’t be available for a long time.

3. SPT SD-9254W – Integrated Slimline Dishwasher 

In the race of best integrated dishwashers 2021, brands like EdgeStar and Frigidaire aren’t allowing any other competitor. However, SPT comes from nowhere and has an instant impact on the homeowners. Why is that? Because the brand is offering an immense value in comparison with the money you spend on it.SPT SD-9254W Slimline Dishwasher

Taking a look at the brand new SD-9254W for instance. It’s the best Slimline dishwasher 2021 and is already getting the spotlight. The cleaning operation it offers is way better than other typical dishwasher brands.

Apart from that, it merely costs around 400 bucks so that’s yet another plus point to go all-in for this dishwasher.

SPT is simply rocking with the minimalistic and sophisticated integrated dishwashers and there’s no one to challenge it.

Some important features regarding the best-integrated dishwasher of all times are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Slimline Design:

First of all, the dishwasher from SPT is only 18” wide. It’s around 44 to 45 centimeters in width which makes it a Slimline dishwasher. That is, it can easily get adjusted in tighter spaces as compared to 24” dishwashers.

Stainless Steel Interior:

All things keeping apart, SPT won’t compromise on the durability and sturdiness of the dishwashers it produces. That said, the appliance we are talking about has got a stainless steel interior which is corrosion and rust-free at the same time.

8 Place Settings:

Even being termed as the top Slimline integrated dishwasher, this machine still offers improved storage options. That is, 8 place settings are available to ensure thorough cleaning of a large batch including plates and pots.

Heating Function:

What SPT is perfect at is washing, rinsing, and then drying the dishes as they haven’t even touched water. That’s because of the special heating function during the drying cycle that enables the dishes to get cleansed and germ-free within a matter of time.

Sophisticated Control Panel:

Well, even though the dishwasher is integrated, it comes with a sophisticated and easy to adjust control panel. The buttons are soft and super responsive respectively. You can thus initiate the washing or drying cycles without any hassle.

  • Slimline design is perfect for tight spaces.
  • Stainless steel inner construction.
  • Heating function is up to the mark.
  • Cleans and rinses dishes thoroughly.
  • Extra spacious interior available.
  • Perfect for small households.
  • White color gets the dust easily.
  • No automatic leakage sensor included.

Final Views:

A dishwasher as perfect as SD-9254W is extremely difficult to find in 2021. It can blend well with your kitchen and could be regarded as a long-term replacement. So, keep it on your radar if you’ve got a budget of around $400 to $500.

4. Frigidaire FFBD1831US – Best Semi Integrated Dishwasher

Another masterpiece introduced by Frigidaire this time to match the overall aesthetics of your kitchen is FFBD1831US. This semi-integrated dishwasher comes with a smooth first impression, first of all, the sexy silver color been given to it is appalling to the eyes.Frigidaire FFBD1831US Semi integrated Dishwasher

Other than that, even though the height of the dishwasher is quite high, it’s not wide enough. One could consider it as a Slimline dishwasher as it has got a compact shape and is not bulky at all. Besides, the efficiency in cleaning dishes and removing stuck food from plates is what Frigidaire is best at.

However, keep in mind that this best-integrated dishwasher 2021 will easily cost you around $700. That’s what you have to pay to enjoy comfort, convenience, and minimalism while washing the dishes.

Some notable features being offered are as follows:

Technical Features You Need to Know:

Vivid Control Panel:

As the dishwasher is semi integrated, all the controls are installed on the outside of the door. Besides, the controls are quite easy to use. You can select different wash cycles, drying cycles, or the temperature range as per your will and wish.

Bacterial Removing:

The specialty which separates this dishwasher from all other machines mentioned above is that it can remove almost 99% of household bacteria from the dishes. Yeah, you heard it right. All washing cycles included in the appliance are meant to remove food particles and germs from plates or pots effectively.

Dual Spray Arm System:

Frigidaire never fails to amaze us with the variety of features it’s including in new dishwashers. For instance, the dual spray arm system installed in this appliance is perfect for a thorough cleaning operation without any hassle.

Time Saving Dishwasher:

At last, what I’d want to mention about the best integrated dishwasher is that it comes with a time saving feature. You can schedule cleaning wash cycles in advance and the machine will start the process at exact time whether it’s morning, evening, or midnight.

  • Sturdy and durable built-in dishwasher.
  • Enhances the beauty of kitchen.
  • Semi integrated design.
  • ADA compliant (Removes bacteria from dishes).
  • Perfect for long-term use.
  • Offers 8 place settings in one cycle.
  • Expensive price tag.
  • Customer Support isn’t worthy of anything.

Final Views:

The latest integrated dishwasher from Frigidaire is a perfect example of sophistication and an enhanced cleaning operation combined together. Check it out if you can spend around $800 on a dishwashing appliance.

5. SPT SD-9254SS – With Heated Drying Cycle:

Sunpentown aka SPT is yet again introducing a dishwasher that is capable of removing all your worries related to kitchen adjustment or thorough cleaning operation. Yeah, you heard it right.SPT SD-9254SS

The brand new SD-9254SS is an upgraded dishwashing machine that is capable of removing stubborn stains and food particles from the dishes in a single cycle. Not only that, but the design it has got is Slimline which means you can easily adjust it in tighter spaces.

One of the reasons I’ve fallen in love with this dishwasher is that it ensures smell and odor-free cleaning. There won’t be any foul smell even if you’ve loaded a large batch to it. Just make sure that you use perfect dishwasher detergent and let SPT do the other work.

Some of the most notable features offered by SPT built-in dishwasher are as follows:

Technical Features You Must Know

Stainless Steel Construction:

The durability and sturdiness of the dishwasher cannot be undermined at all. I mean, it’s been made up of stainless steel interior which is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust and hard water at the same time.

Delay Start Option:

You can set the preferred time of the dishwasher in advance to wash a specific batch and it will do the rest of the job even if you are not around. That’s one of the beauties of the dishwasher that you simply can’t ignore.

8 Place Settings:

Even with such a compact shape, this appliance from SPT offers an 8 place settings perspective. You can load pots, pans, plates, cups, or spoons in an ample amount in the dishwasher to be washed in a single cycle.

Premium Drying:

Last but not the least, the drying process is so overpowered that you won’t have to even rub a cloth on the washed dishes. This dishwasher makes sure that all plates and kitchen utensils are cleaned and dried thoroughly to save you from the extra hassle.

  • Slimline design.
  • Semi integrated type.
  • Minimalist control panel.
  • Vibrant dark silver color variant.
  • Six wash cycles included.
  • 8 place settings ensure cleaning a large batch.
  • Requires complex assembly.
  • Not recommended for commercial uses.

Final Views:

Well, the last best integrated dishwasher 2021 from SPT is literally the most suitable investment you can make. Consider it for your home to keep yourself away from washing dirty dishes on your own.

6. Bosch SHP878ZD5N – Fully Integrated Dishwasher:

Bosch is all about offering luxury, comfort, and hassle-free cleaning operation. Although the prices that these brand offers are extremely expensive. I must say that this is a once in a lifetime investment. So, if you have the money, don’t leave any opportunity to take a look at the SHP878ZD5N machine.Bosch SHP878ZD5N Fully Integrated Dishwasher

That said, the best Bosch integrated dishwasher comes with a hell load of features. Besides, it’s a fully integrated dishwasher so, the overall aroma and aesthetics of your kitchen won’t be impacted with the newest addition.

You might want to consider getting the Best Integrated Dishwasher from Bosch

Have a look at some of the most important features offered by Bosch built-in dishwasher:


Technical Features You Must Know:

Fully Integrated Design:

First things first, the dishwasher is fully integrated. This means that the control panel is situated on the inside of the appliance. Well, it’s kind of a disadvantage that you won’t be aware of the statistics right after the door is shut.

Quietest Dishwasher:

This dishwasher from Bosch is termed as the quietest integrated dishwasher and there’s no doubt about that. Bosch takes great care in insulating the machine so perfectly that it won’t be creating any noise at all.

16 Place Settings:

Well, the 24” wide dishwasher is extremely spacious from the inside. Apart from offering a 16 place setting, the machine also comes with a flexible third rack that can be utilized to place more and more washable kitchen utensils.


Thanks to the deep scanners available within the best built-in dishwasher, the machine will continue to look out for stains or stuck food throughout the cycle. Hence, the end result is comprised of clean and neat dishes with a shiny look.

  • Quietest integrated dishwasher from Bosch.
  • Durable and sturdy (Onetime investment).
  • 16 place settings with a flexible rack included.
  • PrecisionWash scan dishes for removing residue.
  • InfoLight shows whether machine is operating or not.
  • Perfect option for commercial use.
  • Extremely expensive price tag.
  • Bulky design.
  • Not meant for a small household.

Final Views:

In need of a dishwasher that is the jack of all trades? You might want to get the services of Bosch integrated dishwasher as it can do all the cleaning tasks of dishes within a single wash cycle.

7. Frigidaire FFID2426TS – Stainless Steel Construction:

Well, the product review session has come to an end finally with one last fully integrated dishwasher from Frigidaire. For starters, this dishwasher is capable of storing a large batch of pots, pans, plates, and other utensils without any hassle.

Frigidaire FFID2426TS Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Besides, it does have a sophisticated design and will surely enhance the beauty of your kitchen. One thing that is worth noticing in the dishwasher is that it ensures a low noise process.

I mean, it’s not as perfect as a Bosch dishwasher, but still, you can keep working on in the kitchen while Frigidaire is doing its job.

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Some notable points regarding the best budget integrated dishwasher are as follows:




Key Features You Must Know

14 Place Settings:

As I said above, the 14 place settings ensure washing, cleaning, and drying food-stuck and stained dishes within a single cycle.

Four Washing Cycles:

Although the cycles aren’t more than four, you can still utilize this dishwasher to wash plastic, chinaware, and glass dishes without any worries.

DishSense Technology:

Last but not the least, the inclusion of DishSense technology allows the dishwasher to scan the dishes thoroughly and then take out the cleaning process where necessary.

  • Perfect for a large household.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Efficient cleaning process.
  • Carries out a shiny look in dishes.
  • Justified price tag.
  • No InfoLight included.
  • Controls aren’t available when machine is working.
  • Not recommended for a small kitchen.

Final Views:

Getting this dishwasher from Frigidaire would ensure a perfect cleaning process without any hassle. Consider it before it’s too late.


Top 3 Recommendations
Based on the research of kitchen experts, our own experiments, and a number of customer reviews, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. EdgeStar BIDW1802BL as it’s the best integrated dishwasher 2021.
  2. Bosch SHP878ZD5N if spending more than 1000 bucks is not a problem for you.
  3. Frigidaire FFBD1831US as it’s the best semi integrated dishwasher.


Buying Guide About Selecting the Best Integrated Dishwasher 2021:

Although I’m done with comparing and contrasting the most reliable integrated dishwashers of 2021, the story doesn’t end here.

Do you know the terms such as fully integrated or semi integrated or Slimeline dishwashers? If not, how are you going to make a perfect decision?

This is where this guide is going to help you. It comprises of some of the main reasons you’d need an integrated dishwasher, three different types of dishwashers, features to consider in getting a perfect dishwasher, and some FAQS.

So, sit tight and give this guide a thorough read to get familiar with integrated dishwashers.

Why Do You Need an Integrated Dishwasher?

With so many types available, i.e. freestanding, portable, compact, and countertop dishwashers, why’d you need an integrated one?

Have a look at some of the reasons as follows:

1. An integrated dishwasher is meant to fill the void left in a kitchen. It can enhance the beauty of the kitchen and can go perfectly with the overall setting of your kitchen.

2. These dishwashers are extremely powerful. None of that countertop or freestanding dishwashers. The real fuss is about built-in dishwashers that can give you 100% cleaning results.

3. Most of the built-in dishwashers are Slimline and they acquire less space in the kitchen thus keeping it as minimal as possible.

4. You won’t run out of space while loading the dishes in an integrated appliance. Most of the dishwashers you’d find will offer cleaning a large batch of dishes in a single cycle.

5. Last but not least, integrated dishwashers are completely automatic. You can even set the delay time in these dishwashers which is something extremely exceptional.

Those were all the reasons for choosing the integrated dishwasher.

Moving on:

Let’s get familiar with the basic types of integrated dishwashers:

Types of Integrated Dishwashers:

1. Fully integrated Dishwashers:

Fully integrated dishwashers blend right into your kitchen without any hassle.

Plus, one thing that gives them a unique perspective is that these appliances have got a control panel located at the inside of the door.

This means, when you are done with choosing the washing cycle, temperature and then you close the door, you won’t get access to the control panel anymore.

It’s kind of a disadvantage as you won’t know whether the machine is operating or not.

However, thanks to latest tech, nowadays fully integrated dishwashers come with a special InfoLight that enables you to see whether the appliance is working or not.

2. Semi Integrated Dishwashers:

Semi integrated dishwasher resembles the design and shape of fully integrated appliances except for the control panel.

In this type, you’d notice the presence of control panel on the outside of the door.

It enables you to be in control of whatever is happening inside.

So, that’s the major difference between a semi integrated and fully integrated dishwashers.

The story doesn’t end here.

One other type is also there which needs to be highlighted and that’s Slimline integrated dishwashers.

3. Slimline Integrated Dishwashers:

Such dishwashers have got a width of around 18 inches or 44 centimeters. They can be fully integrated or semi integrated.

Slimline dishwashers are an ideal choice for tighter spaces. In case you’ve got a small kitchen, I’d be recommending you to invest in Slimline appliances.

That’s all about the types of integrated dishwashers available in 2021.

Now, is the time that we jump to the most important part of this section, i.e., things to consider before choosing the best integrated dishwasher.

Have a look as follows:

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Integrated Dishwasher:

Sort Out Your Needs First:

The first important thing that you need to do is to sort out your needs first.

What kind of integrated dishwasher would be perfect for you? Is your kitchen small or large? Do you need to clean a large batch of dishes on daily basis or not?

These are all the questions that you’d have to ask yourself before making the first move.

That said, if you need a dishwasher for a small household, then go with a semi integrated Slimline machine in this regard.

However, if you tend to wash a large batch or want to utilize the appliance for commercial use, then I’d be recommending fully integrated dishwashers.

So, sort out your needs first and then you can have a clear idea about what to do next.

Latest Washing Technologies:

Before you choose an integrated dishwasher, make sure that it’s bombarded with latest cleaning technologies.

For instance, you would’ve noticed some new terms when I was discussing Bosch dishwasher, right? That’s because that machine was upgraded with latest cleaning and drying technologies.

That’s what you’d need to do if you want a long-term replacement.

Be Budget Conscious:

Budget consciousness is a must especially if you are choosing an integrated dishwasher in 2021.

Keeping at least 500 bucks is a must as you’d need extra money to hire an expert to adjust the dishwasher.

However, if you intend to get a machine for commercial or long-term use, then I’d suggest you to keep at least 1000 bucks ready to be spent at the exact moment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best integrated dishwasher to buy?

EdgeStar BIDW1802BL is the exact answer you are looking for. This dishwasher, first of all, is semi integrated, has a thorough and efficient cleaning interface, and can easily get adjusted in tight spaces. Besides it’d cost you no more than $500 so that’s yet another plus point.

2. Which brand of dishwasher is most reliable?

The decision is hard to make, but the likes of EdgeStar, Bosch, and SPT are some of the brands that you can place your trust on. These manufacturers produce the best dishwashers and that too with a limited warranty so that you can have peace of mind.

3. Which is the best Bosch integrated dishwasher?

Bosch SHP878ZD5N is the best integrated dishwasher from Bosch up till now. It’s simply the jack of all trades and is capable of cleaning food stuck and stained dishes within a single wash cycle. Plus, there won’t be any foul smell no matter how big the residue is.

Some Last Words:

I’m done with explaining all about the best integrated dishwashers 2021. Now all eyes are on you that which choice you make as per your will and wish.

Don’t forget to drop a comment in the box mentioned below and I’d be more than happy to help you in this regard.

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